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Make Portal in Minecraft Full Guide 2020

Make Portal in Minecraft Full Guide 2020 – Are you a big fan of Minecraft games? In the Minecraft game, you can go on an adventure or just design cool houses and buildings.

Surely you know that the world in Minecraft is not just Overworld or just an ordinary world. To visit this world, you need a special portal to get there.

The problem is, how to create a Minecraft portal in Survival mode is very difficult, especially for finding the required materials. If it’s in Creative mode, anyway, just make it, dude.

So that you don’t bother looking for ways to make a portal in Minecraft, i will tell you in full and with pictures to make it easier. Make Portal in Minecraft Full Guide 2020

Make Portal in Minecraft Full Guide 2020

Basically, there are 3 portals that you can create in this best open world game, sanbox. These portals will take you to a new world with new mobs and loot.

The three portals are the Nether Portal, End Portal, and Aether Portal. Later, how to make a Minecraft portal will be tailored to your needs.

By default, you can create Nether Portals and End Portals in the game. However, the Aether Portal can only be built after you add the Aether mod.

The tutorial that i provides will help those of you who play Minecraft in survival mode. If you play Creative mode, it’s really easy, gang.

Without the need to linger, here’s how to make a portal in Minecraft the easiest and most hassle-free!

How to make nether portal

Nether Portal is a portal that will take you to the dimension of The Nether or what people usually say Hell.

This world is said to be like hell because it is full of lava and dark like under the earth.

The way to access the dimension of The Nether is through the Nether Portal. You can create a Nether Portal on any Minecraft platform.

Next i will explain how to make a Nether Portal in Minecraft Survival mode.

Step 1 – Mining Obsidian

1. Before you build the Nether Portal, there are several important ingredients that you should look for. The main ingredient of the Nether Portal is Obsidian.

2. Obsidian is one of the hardest items you can get in Minecraft. You must use the Diamond Pickaxe to mine it.

Make Portal in Minecraft Full Guide 2020

3. Well, the tools you have to prepare are buckets filled with water and a Diamond Pickaxe.

4. To mine obsidian, you can dig underground until you reach a layer filled with lava. You can also go into the belly of the mountain to find lava.

Make Portal in Minecraft Full Guide 2020

5. Prepare a bucket filled with water and then pour water on the block next to the lava so that the water flows through the lava.

6. Lava that has been flowed by water will turn into obsidian. You can also directly mine obsidian from the obsidian blocks that you find below ground level.

Make Portal in Minecraft Full Guide 2020

7. Put the water you have poured back into the bucket so that the obsidian block is visible. My advice, remember the point where you first pour water so that the water recedes quickly.

8. After low tide, you can mine obsidian using the Diamond Pickaxe. Even though using the Diamond Pickaxe, the process is quite time consuming, dude.

9. The obsidian you have dug will float on the ground and a hotbar will appear after you collect it.

Step 2 – Make a Nether Portal

1. After mining obsidian in the previous stage, now you can create a Nether Portal. You need a minimum of 10 obsidian materials that you must compile.

2. To create a Nether Portal in Minecraft, you can follow the picture that i will shows so that you can more easily create the portal.

3. After you compile the obsidian, the portal will not activate automatically. To activate it, prepare Flint and Steel or a lighter to activate the portal.

4. You can also use other tools that can generate fire. Create a fire right inside the Nether Portal to activate it

Step 3 – Done
You have successfully made a Nether Portal in Minecraft, dude.

How to make an end portal in Minecraft

End Portal is a portal that you can use to go to The End.

As the name implies, The End is a place where you can finish Minecraft by defeating the boss in this game, the Ender Dragon.

In survival mode, you cannot create an End Portal, but you have to find where the Frame is to open the End Portal. You can find these frames in Stronghold.

We will explain how to create an End Portal in Minecraft by finding a Stronghold. Listen on, dude.

Step 1 – Creating the Eye of Ender

1. To make the Eye of Ender, you need ingredients in the form of Enderpearl which you will get after killing Enderman. Another ingredient is Blaze Powder.

2. Getting Blaze Powder is a bit tricky, dude. You have to go to the Nether first to find a Mob named Blaze.

3. When you kill Blaze, you will have the opportunity to get an item called the Blaze Rod. Make a Blaze Powder by processing the Blaze Rod that you have got.

4. Combine 1 Enderpearl with 1 Blaze Powder to make 1 Eye of Ender. You need a minimum of 12 Eyes of Ender to open the End Portal.

Step 2 – Finding a Stronghold

1. Use Eye of Ender to indicate the location of Stronghold. Eye of Ender will fly 12 meters towards Stronghold located. You need to do this process patiently, dude.

2. When the Eye of Ender flies towards the ground, it means you have found the location of the Stronghold. You can dig the ground carefully to find a stronghold.

Make Portal in Minecraft Full Guide 2020

3. After digging until you find a building, look for the room where the End Portal frame is located.

Make Portal in Minecraft Full Guide 2020

Step 3 – Opening the Portal

Place the 12 Eyes of Ender that you have in the End Portal frame. After everything is installed, then the End Portal will open.

Step 4 – Done

That’s how to make an End Portal in Minecraft. Pretty complicated, huh, dude?

How to make an aether portal in Minecraft

Aether Portal is a portal that allows you to move to the Aether world, which is what people call the heaven portal in Minecraft.

However, you cannot create Aether Portal in the default game version. You must first download the Aether Mod for Minecraft. You can search for the mod on Google, dude.

For those of you who want to know how to make a heaven portal in Minecraft, here’s a guide to making an Aether Portal!

Step 1 – Mining Glowstone

1. To mine glowstone, you need to create a Nether Portal as Jaka explained at the beginning of the article.

2. Enter the portal to teleport to The Nether.

3. When you are in the Nether, you need to find Glowstone. Use any pickaxe to destroy the glowstone.

4. The crushed glowstone will turn into Glowstone Dust. To make 1 glowstone, you need 4 glowstone dust.

Step 2 – Creating the Aether Portal

1. After making glowstones, you can arrange 10 glowstones into a portal. Follow the form of the Nether Portal to create an Aether Portal.

2. Use the bucket filled with water to activate the Aether Portal. The method is the same as activating the Nether Portal.

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Step 3 – Done
Congratulations! You have successfully created the Aether Portal in Minecraft. That’s the easiest and simplest way to create a city portal in Minecraft!

The final word
That’s article on how to create a portal in Minecraft. Hopefully this article can help you in exploring the world of Minecraft.

See you in another article!

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